Sam Davidson
Sam Davidson PRODUCT     +     MARKETING     +     CODE Product Marketing Manager at Fave. CEO & Co-Founder of Cheers. Employee #1 at Ohana, a family-sharing app acquired by Facebook.
6 years of product manager, UI/UX design experience - Sam Davidson


Product Management:

Cheers - Meet Awesome People With Your Friends Over Complimentary Drinks.


UI + UX Design, Onboarding, Conversion Funnel Optimization, User Referral Flows, Multivariate Testing

Ohana (Acquired by Facebook)

Ohana (Acquired by Facebook)

UX Design, Engagement Loops, User Flow Optimization, Viral Coefficient, Content Marketing

Bacardi - Black Card, Social Club

Bacardi Black Card • Social Club

UI + UX Design, Optical Character Recognition Tech, Loyalty Program, Branding, Product Marketing

Web Design + Development,

Responsive HTML Email Design + Development

Responsive Email Design + Development

Growth Marketing - Event-Triggered User Lifecycle Emails

Bring Happy Hour Back To Boston Petition

Content Marketing - Web Development, UI + UX Design

25 Most Social, Well-Connected People In Boston

The 25 Most Well-Connected People In Boston

Content Marketing - Web Development, UI + UX Design

Cheers App

Cheers Website

Product Marketing - Web Development, UI + UX Design